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"Hail and farewell fellow traveller. The great dark is too dark and the night too deep. We will never meet, you and I. Let me pause therefore and raise a glass." - Menakhat, Arab poet.

When I’m old I want to be one of those ladies that try to hook up these lovely boys living in her building with eachother.

And I will unashamedly make sex-jokes to both of them and encourage dates and tell my friends aaalllll about those adorable boys and how they couldn’t get their shit togeher without me

I just made dolphin-noises over a chair

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Aragorn “So Done With Your Shit I’m Gonna Walk Into The Fires Of Mount Doom Myself” Elessar


I Do Not Speak Tumblr

OMG ohmyfuckinggodinafrillpinklaceskirt

I found one of the silmarili of the internet

no alcohol is no solution either


Oh gosh, there, there are 25 of you. I have 25 followers.


OMFG, I’m so excited! All of you are so cool!!!

no, no, plz don’t run away, just, let me sit here all quiet-like and coo at you guys a bit, ok?





Do you ever memorize a person’s voice? Like you can construct a sentence in your mind that that person’s never said, and yet you hear them say it.

Is that a thing people can do?????????


I just did it

I have whole fucking conversations with myself in different characters’ voices. I can legitimately say that my brain has encouraged me to “do the thing” in Tony Starks voice.

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name quote

*points up*

I finally found the quote that inspired my name here.

It was a tragic story of loss that quote. I read it in a book somewhere, years ago, but it was in german. When I remembered this thing again I neither knew all the words nor the author. I searched the internet far and wide with different wordings and authors. Now finally that search has come to an end.

*ships stony agressively*